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BridgingFactor Factoring


The manufacturing industry is heavily reliant on meeting the needs of new and current customers. As a result, manufacturers can be squeezed financially when demand is high and receivables are not coming in quick enough. This is where BridgingFactor can help! By factoring your receivables, expenses (rent, wages, and accounts payable) can be paid off and cash can be put into the development of the business (equipment, additional inventory, and supplies).

In business, credit terms are provided to customer’s to gain a market advantage against competitors. This tactic is beneficial for driving sales, but can put a cash squeeze on other areas of the business. By factoring those slow paying receivables, cash becomes available to pay off business expenses.

With BridgingFactor, we let you choose which customers and invoices you wish to factor. We work alongside your company and provide you with a flexible and straight forward program that is tailored to your business.

Why Bridging Factor?

  • No hidden charges or extra fees
  • The possibility of same day funding
  • We provide flexible solutions
  • Do not sign you into a long term contract
  • No monthly minimums

Not only do we provide factoring, we also provide purchase order financing for pre-sold finished goods. With purchase order financing, we will make payment to your supplier via Letter of Credit or wire transfer so that goods can be delivered to your customer. This service is ideal for businesses that are unable to finance large purchase orders from big retail chains and distributors.

Whether your business is a start-up, experiencing significant growth, or in a transitional stage, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Please contact us to learn more.