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BridgingFactor Factoring


The service industry is unique in that it can operate without having any hard assets. While it is beneficial for managing expenses, it is extremely difficult to get approved for a traditional loan when there are no physical assets that the bank would be lending against.

This is where BridgingFactor can help; factoring is a quick and affordable way to get cash for your slow paying invoices. Employees need to be paid weekly or biweekly, but industry standard is to offer your customers 30/60 day credit terms. Unless your receivables line up consistently with your payables, it can be difficult to pay off salaries while your receivables continue to age. Factoring will not only allow you to pay off current expenses, it gives your business the flexibility to take on additional clients and hire additional staff.

If your service company offers credit terms to new and larger companies, than BridgingFactor may be the best solution for your business. Factoring one or all of your invoices provides instant cash flow and is an affordable alternative to help manage growth.

Why Bridging Factor?

  • We base your approval on the reputation of your customers
  • Your account can be set up in days NOT months
  • We provide you with the flexibility to choose which invoices you wish to factor
  • Do not lock you into a long term contract