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BridgingFactor Factoring

Recruitment and Staffing

Recruitment and temporary staffing agencies are a prime example of an industry that requires timely payments. Well most staffing companies will pay employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis; it is industry standard to offer credit terms to customers that can be 30 or 60 days. This creates a significant gap from when expenses are paid and receivables are collected. This is where BridgingFactor comes in; by financing these receivables, you are able to bridge the gap between payments and have cash available when employees need to be paid.

Agencies that are growing quickly, have signed up new client(s), or provide seasonal staffing services are often looking for temporary financing. Most of our clients do not have to rely on factoring their receivables for years to come; instead they use BridgingFactor as a tool to help finance growth. Many will use this additional cash to drive new sales and increase the amount of employees they can staff.

How Does it Work?

  1. You will select and send us the invoices which you would like to be factored.
  2. We will factor these invoices and pay up to 95% of the value of the invoice
  3. Your customers will remit their payments to us.
  4. Once payment has been received, we will return the balance minus the fees.

Why Factoring?

  • Factoring provides a more consistent cash flow
  • Provides flexibility
  • Bridges thegap between payables and receivables
  • Easier and faster to obtain than bank loan
  • Takes the worry out of collecting invoices

Whether your business is a start-up, experiencing significant growth, or in a transitional stage, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Please contact us to learn more.