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BridgingFactor Factoring

Transportation and Logistics

With BridgingFactor, it doesn’t matter if you are an owner-operator or own a large fleet of trucks, our factoring facilities are custom tailored to YOUR business. If trucks are sitting around because cash is tight and invoices haven’t been paid, we can factor your receivables so that you can keep your trucks on the road. Many customers see this as an opportunity to grow and expand at an affordable rate.

As a result, we have helped trucking companies haul extra loads by improving their cash flow and making collections a much simpler process.

Not only do we provide financing to truck operators, we can also finance brokers who outsource their shipments to other carriers. Why turn down new or existing clients? By using BridgingFactor, brokers will have the opportunity to negotiate discounts as well as take on additional loads.

Why Factor?

  • Keep trucks on the road as much as possible
  • Take advantage of discounts for early payment
  • More flexibility to add on additional customers
  • Quick and easy cash flow for your company

Why Bridging Factor?

  • No hidden charges or extra fees
  • The possibility of same day funding
  • We provide flexible solutions
  • Do not sign you into a long term contract
  • No monthly minimums