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BridgingFactor Factoring

Wholesale and Distribution

For the majority of the businesses that fall under this industry, their accounts receivables and inventory are their two most important assets. Whether it be paying manufacturers for the finished product, or maintaining inventory for future orders; BridgingFactor can provide financing that is specific to your business.

Factoring Your Receivables

If you offer credit terms to your customers, factoring your receivables is an affordable way to improve cash flow and to finance future orders. Why wait for your slow paying customers to pay; financing your receivables is a great way to take on additional business that would be turned down otherwise. Additionally, if your business is prone to peak seasons, factoring is a great way to make sure that inventory remains stocked in case sales are higher than expected.

Purchase Order Financing

In addition to factoring, another service we can provide is purchase order financing. Unlike other lenders, BridgingFactor views your purchase order as a contract for future business. Once a purchase order has been completed, it becomes an asset to secure financing. BridgingFactor will pay your supplier and collects payment of the invoice from your customer; once fees are collect the transaction is complete.

One of the main reasons businesses use purchase order financing is the flexibility it provides to add on additional customers. By fulfilling purchase orders, the business can increase revenue and build relationships with new customers.

Why Bridging Factor?

  • No hidden charges or extra fees
  • The possibility of same day funding
  • We provide flexible solutions
  • Do not sign you into a long term contract
  • No monthly minimums